23 Juli, 2009


Dear my beloved friends,

Hi.. Still remember me? You must be hospitalized if you just forget me..
I'm just an ordinary girl. I use *ordinary* not little, because I'm too big to say that i'm the little one.
Well, is this a poem? no. Is this a writing? half. Is this diary? totally wrong..
I just wanna say "see you later"! I don't wanna use "good bye", because I'm 100 % sure that next year, I will come to you. Come with the huge smile in my face - replacing the tears that will flow down from my eyes..

Why do I write this? Am I having no job and feeling like *pengangguran* disturbing you like this? Am I crazy to remind you about me tonight and make that reminder stay in your brain? *yaxx*
I'm not such kind of that, but yeah i have no job. My blood just swim along my vessel. I don't care with the mixes of those blood (the dirty one or the clean one! lol).

I just wanna say biggggeeeesssttt thank's to many - many people in this lovely life. Although, i don't love it sometimes! honestly.. :D

Let's begin ::

*Mom and dad : who has supported me in every sweat i let out. lol. You have taught me about many - many kinds of anger and I hate those anger! Trust me.. *oppss, sorry dad mom..*

*My brothers, abi - raihan : who has... uuummm.. uummm..*aha*.. permited me to do *everything* to you!;)

*My friends in elementary school : i know it's not a shopisticated school while you are staring at the unknown forest. I really love the *biting*, :D

*M-A-V-R-O-W : we've done alot of struggle everyday.. riding bike everyday till my skin is so HOT! :p

*My friends in Junior High School 2 Semarang : it's not a BIG school as the BIG name of the school. But I like everything there.

*de cannala : It's nice for having a time for band. I love you, although we've forgotten each other:)

*u n t i t l e d : I know that every friendship means everything. Although we're separated, but our heart is related :). Hopely, when i come back, there's no enemy in our dictionary! *hopely*

*My friends in High School 3 Semarang : hufftt.. I don't know what to say. Everyday is like a graphic! it can be in the upside or in the lowside. I hate being like that. Everyone is not everyone. Everyone starts to change, and I don't feel the same. But I face alot of fascinating things in this area:)

*SW as Stranger Watcher : I love being around you. Feeling like every direction of us is same. We come from different place but seeing the same perception.. I really love the way we stare at something, especially for *stranger*. Because we are "Stranger Watcher". *feeling like in a film*

*P A N D H A W A : i love this classic name.. feeling so fabulous! Yeah, that's true! Everything here is really so luxurious. But I like that! Sometimes I feel that I'm alone in this class. Because all of us are so *creatif*! Don't u realize that, guys? I really love you all.

and I still love the *biting*!! hahags

with honor,

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